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Women That Rape

Recently I was a guest of HuffPostLive, an lesbian online chat show that discusses more tender subject areas with sophistication and a rational vision. The topic was titled « whenever Predators Are Women » and my guy visitors were all survivors of feminine rape.

These men were a courageous lot of dudes.

They happened to be courageous because they talked on against a social myth that most guys, kids and males like-sex — any sort of sex under whatever scenario.

And they indicated the dilemma they thought because they’d been trained this misconception immediately after which happened to be later on emotionally coerced or aggressively violated by a lady.

Often the lady ended up being much older and also the guy a mere teen who had been under her attention or under some sort of energy dynamic that managed to get impossible for him to state no.

In other cases it had been an aggressive woman which utilized day rape medicines and Viagra as her weapons of rape.

Typically, the men believed traumatized and, as a result of the social misconception, believed powerless to speak about it or touch base for help.

Feminine intimate predators are unusual, but the figures are uncertain because so few men and boys report their criminal activities.

Women that utilize social power or chemical guns to get sex with a guy (or lady) tend to be just as much aggressive crooks as a male rapist.


« the thought of male rape is

not fodder for snickers. »

Very let me get this clear.

The phrase « no » needs to be recognized irrespective of the gender of the individual. Before every a couple enter a sexual experience, they have to end up being colleagues who can each offer spoken permission.

The idea of male rape is certainly not fodder for snickers. Truly a critical criminal activity.

As well as the wounds of physical and emotional trauma are just as visceral in a male prey of rape as a female target.

In certain methods, it is more serious since there are not everyone they are able to consult with and few men get the sympathy and treatment they have earned.

My personal hat goes off to the incredible, progressed men who happen to be beginning to go to town about this very tender subject.

Listed here is the hyperlink to the HuffPostLive Show:

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